Which cities made Greece such a popular country in the World? Let’s reveal the most interesting fact that you all will love to know. The glorious ancient civilization, magnificent monuments, spectacular architectural structures, exotic landscape, pristine islands, picturesque beaches, and stunning scenic beauty are the attractions of Greece. All these alluring features have made Greece more than a historical place. It’s the land that has incredible diversity in it to astonish the visitors. Known for the ideal summer, Greece is the country to visit any time in the year.

Bathed in the golden beams of the Sun, Greece is the home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Overlooking the crystal clear water of the sea and nestled at the lap of rocky hills, the Cities of Greece have many things to offer. Whether you look for a holiday destination to revel in or to enjoy a romantic getaway, Greece will be the ultimate place to visit. Let’s explore the top 10 cities in Greece before you visit the land of awe-inspiring beauty.

 The Capital City of Greece Athens

One of the iconic locations of Greece, Athens has a plethora of significant historical sites to make the visitors get amazed. Being the capital city, it has the largest urban area in the country. The pastel-colored vibrant neoclassical buildings, flower-adorned streets of Plaka, ancient remnants of the Agora, lush green Park on Filopappou Hill impress the tourists. The historical sites of Athens dating back to ancient times and the lively nightlife are worthy to visit once in a lifetime. Also, for more excitement, head to the stunning Greek Islands for a lifetime experience.

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Corfu Town – The City showcasing Venetian Heritage

It is often said that Corfu Town has Italianate feel in it to impress the visitors. This charming old town is known for the magnificent Venetian architecture, awe-inspiring ancient churches along with narrow streets, picturesque scenery, chic boutiques, taverns, and unexplored history. The fascinating mix of French, Greek, Italian and British architecture attracts connoisseurs across the globe.

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Apart from the beauty, there are numerous restaurants and bars in the city that offer gastronomical delight to food lovers.

Rhodes Town – The Beautiful Old Town

Visit the picturesque Rhodes Town makes the tourists explore the history of the fifth century BC. With a plethora of glorious historical sites, the ancient walls surround the city and it becomes popular as the place of the ancient wonder named The Colossus. Known as the well-preserved medieval towns in the continent of Europe, Rhodes Town is definitely worth visiting. Where Byzantine Churches and Ottoman Mosques define the city’s skyline, you must find something extraordinary there to get spellbound. Since the best beaches of Greece are in the close vicinity, it remains crowded all round the year. Add the name to your bucket list to lose yourself in the charm of the historical wonders.

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Chania – The City of Fabulous Beaches

Is there anyone who does not like to enjoy the romantic ambiance of serene sea beaches? Definitely, it’s hard to find. That’s why Chania is one of the most popular Cities in Greece. Nestled at the coastline of Crete, this charming city has many things to offer. The quaint old town, picturesque Turkish and Venetian architecture, narrow streets, and distinctive lighthouse will surely make one fall in love with it. Over the past years, it has become a popular destination in Greece.

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It not only offers wonderful architectural structures but also a vibrant culture. Unwind yourself in the romantic ambiance of the local restaurants or explore the hidden historical facts while visiting this Venetian Old Town.

Thessaloniki – The Cultural Capital of Greece 

It is the second-largest city in Greece that takes pride in its vibrant culture. Located at the Gulf of Thessaloniki, this cosmopolitan place attracts tourists from far and wide with its glorious past that dates back to a time over three thousand years ago. The magnificent Roman ruins, the awe-inspiring Byzantine churches, and the ancient Ottoman buildings will mesmerize you with stunning views. Along with the historical monuments, the festivals and year-round events allure people from foreign countries to explore the cultural heritage of the city.


Soak in the bustling nightlife, or feel the delight in lip lingering taste of local cuisine or simply walk along the waterfront overlooking the 15th century White Tower. Won’t it be an unforgettable experience for you? Then, don’t miss out on visiting Thessaloniki while exploring the vibrant cities in Greece

Nafplio – The Former Capital City of Modern Greece

Everyone knows that Greece is famous for its historical sites. History is still alive in each and every corner of this country. And, Nafplio is not an exception to this. The iconic architectural structures add a distinctive look to the city. Apart from this, the beauty of Nafplio lies in its historic streets, splendid harbor fronts, lovely panoramic views, magnificent architecture of the Venetians and the Ottomans. 

The mythology says Nafplio was founded by Nafplios known as the son of God Poseidon. While visiting the city, the Neoclassical mansions, charming Venetian Houses, Museums, spectacular Palamidi fortress, taverns, and posh boutiques will attract your attention. Also, it will make you lose yourself in it. 

Heraklion – The Capital of Crete

Loaded with historical attractions, lovely squares, street-side local café, spectacular waterfront area, some of the best museums, Heraklion boasts itself for being the vibrant old city of Greece. History says Heraklion was the ancient port of Knossos. The Minoan Palace of Knossos is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Heraklion. Apart from that, the charm of vibrant city life, Koules Fortress, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Cathedral of St. Minas, Agios Titos Church, Loggia (the town hall), and breathtaking Waterfront stroll are some of the major attractions of Heraklion. Also, the old town of Heraklion is a paradise for shopping lovers. You can go for a day trip to Matala or the Palace of Phaestos. Otherwise, you can simply walk along the waterfront stroll during your visit to Heraklion. 

Patras – The Busiest Port in Greece

The third-largest city of Greece, Patras attracts international tourists. Located at the Northwest side of Peloponnese, it can offer you many things more than your expectation. The Medieval Castle offering spectacular views of the city and the sea, the Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew of Patras, and the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre are some of the must-visit tourist attractions in Patras. Also, don’t forget to visit Achaia Clauss Winery which is known for the stunning views and a wonderful setting.

Rethymno –Must Visit Destination in Greece 

Finest beaches, clear blue waters along with Roman, Ottoman, and Venetian architecture have made Rethymno stand out of all. While looking for a destination in Greece for Family Vacation or Weekend getaway, you can count on this island city. The spectacular beaches, quaint villages, cosmopolitan resorts, elegant architecture, Byzantine Churches, and Monasteries will never fail to attract you towards its unexplored beauty.

Kavala – The Famous Historic Center 

Situated in the North of Greece, Kavala is not only the home to historical sites but also picturesque beaches. It is the gateway to Northeastern Aegean Islands and many attractions that allure the tourists to explore its wonders. Blessed with historical structures, this picturesque city is a worth visiting destination in Greece. Explore the magnificent Ottoman architectures, and take a tour to the island of Thassos, or enjoy the nightlife. You can also enjoy leisure at the luxury hotels while spending your vacation in Kavala. 

Kalamata – The Capital City of Messenia

Located at the Sun-kissed Peloponnese, Kalamata is one of the tourist destinations in Greece. The bustling seaside, the magnificent castles, ancient ruins, the picturesque old town, Archaeological Museums, the pristine beaches, and delicious olives are the popular attractions of Kalamata. Whether you love to explore history or want to relax on the pristine sea beaches, Kalamata will never disappoint you.

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So, are you making a plan to visit these top 10 cities in Greece? It’s time to look for budget-friendly tour packages for the Greece trip. Our recommendation is to opt for the tour packages where a customization facility is available. Let’s make a little research on your own before visiting your Dream Country. For Sure, the vacation in Greece would be a lifetime experience for you and your near ones.