When it is about the special attractions of Budapest, don’t forget to visit Budapest museums. You will find out a lot of museums like Budapest history museum,  Kiscelli Museum, Ludwig Museum, and many more. Hungarian National Museum is another most popular museum that people like to visit. Here you can find the art, history, and archaeology of great Hungary. Besides, you can also notice the preservation of artifacts, Paleolithic and lithotheca collection,s and a good number of coins.

‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Yes! Traveling is the best way to explore unknown things and to refresh our minds. Do you want to come out of your daily work pressure? In this context, traveling can be your best medicine to relax down. For spending a few good days, Budapest the capital of Hungary is a wonderful option. It is a beautiful European city with exciting historical background. This place is famous for its amazing architecture and rich history. You can find its beauty in contrasts. It is such a place where you will get wonderful natural beauty as well. If you want to gather information about, architecture, new culture, new tradition, Budapest is the best place to visit with your family. For an extraordinary vacation experience, you need to visit a few most popular places in Budapest.  

Castle of Budapest

Buda Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in budapest. People, who come to this place, never miss this spot. For years over years, this castle is telling the story of Renaissance ruins and grand Habsburg-era neoclassical façade. And, you can also find out the communist-style interior.  The architectural styles like Medieval, Baroque, Baroque Revival, and Art Nouveau will amaze you. 

The beauty of this castle becomes double in the nighttime. Wonderful decoration with attractive light will definitely impress you no doubt. You can visit the castle anytime you want. It is open 24 hours a day; So, don’t think prior to visiting this palace.

castle in Budapest

Matthias Church Budapest

it is the most visited tourist attraction in Budapest and it is also known as the Church of Our Lady.  Matthias Church is entitled after the Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus. Its beautiful construction, fascinating history will astonish you. Travelers from all around the world love to visit this old church. By following the baroque style, this church was renovated. The insides of the church are decorated with the coronation of King Charles I of Hungary and the coronation of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his consort Elisabeth (Sissy). The architectural style is Gothic architecture and Gothic Revival architecture.

Budapest museum

Budapest museums are the most popular tourist attractions. You will find out a lot of museums like Budapest history museum, Kiscelli Museum, Ludwig Museum, and many more. Not only these but also Hungarian National Museum is another most famous museum. Here you can find the art, history, and archaeology of great Hungary.  Besides, you can also notice the preservation of artifacts, Paleolithic and lithotheca collections.  A good number of coins are also there. 

In this museum, you can also enjoy educational and scientific exhibitions to gather more information about the place. Besides, you can also visit Budapest Pinball Museum. By visiting here, you can revive your childhood days too. Here you will get an amazing collection of all the pinball and other arcade games from the past.  Without a doubt, we have spent hours after hours playing arcade games. So, it would be the best consideration to visit here to remember past days once again

Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest

One of the most attractive out of all the popular and celebrated Budapest attractions is the Fisherman Bastion. It is just around Matthias Church which is a beautiful medieval monument. Seven towers are extremely ornamental that will blow your bind instantly. These seven wonderful towers represent the Magyar tribes. It should be noted that these tribes did a lot to settle down the Magyar people in the Carpathian Basin. The term Bastion is named after the union of fishermen as they have protected the castle at the time of the middle ages.

Especially, it was built for the protection of the area by the fishermen. Here you will come to see cloisters, stairways and many more things too. One of the most important things about the place is, from here, you can enjoy the marvelous view of the Danube River from the top. At the time of sunset, the beauty of this place becomes double. So, don’t think twice to visit this place if you are planning to enjoy a few days in Budapest with your family members

Museum of fine arts Budapest

If you are getting ready to visit the beautiful city of Budapest, don’t forget to manage time for the museum of fine arts. It is a popular place where tourists love to visit. By visiting here, you will come to know not only about renaissance history but also many more things. The main entrance of the museum depicts the battle between the Lapiths and the Centaurs. This took place at the marriage ceremony of Peirithoös.   The Romanesque main hall was closed since Second World War due to a bomb explosion.

After that, it has reopened with the colorful decoration of characters on its beautiful walls. You can also see a striking collection of fine art with assets from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome through to Baroque art. You can also watch some interesting things that are a horse sculpture attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, paintings by Titian, El Greco, and Raphael. So, you can say that by visiting this beautiful place you can enrich yourself with the history of Budapest. It is one of the most important reasons history and architecture lovers prefer visiting this museum.


museum of fine arts budapest

Liberty statue Budapest


Liberty statue is the most popular attractions of Budapest. This amazing monument is a 14-meter statue of a woman who is holding the palm leaf of victory.  On Gellért Hill in Budapest, Hungary, you can find this freedom statue. It memorializes those who lost their lives for the independence, freedom, and success of Hungary too. You can go to the top of the statue and once you visit the top you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city. So, try to visit this popular tourist spot once if you are in Budapest for spending a memorable vacation

St Stephen’s Basilica Budapest

St. Stephen’s the basilica is one of the most popular places to visit during a Budapest tour. The specialty of this tourist spot is its beautiful, spectacular architecture, awesome interior design, and the mind-blowing view from the dome. If you visit inside the basilica, without a doubt, you will get the opportunity to see the preserved hand of the church’s patron saint. Five parts Venetian Mosaic beautifies the interior of the place. During world war second, this St. Stephen’s, basilica was damaged. But, it has been renewed quite successfully and tourists become extremely happy after seeing this attraction. Last but not least it should be noted that it is the biggest church in the whole country

Budapest beach Attractions

As said earlier, Budapest is an amazing place to spend a few days with family. You will definitely fall in love with the city once you visit here. By stretching her arms Budapest is welcoming tourists all over the year. Budapest beaches that attract you the most are Palatinus beach, Római Beach, Paskál Beach and many more. Spending some relaxing time on the sea beaches is a great way to relax down. Besides, you can erase your stress by the endless beauty of the waterbody

Budapest beach

You can also enjoy fresh air, sunbathe, amazing natural beauty, boating, fishing, water skiing, and many other interesting water activities. In addition to this, Palatinus beach is one of the most popular and largest beaches in the city. Besides, You can enjoy thermal baths here. This beach is located on Margaret Island, a noiseless island in the Danube River. Apart from this, Buddha Beach Budapest is a nightlife destination where you can also enjoy a wonderful time with your partner. Coming out from the noise of the city, you can have some peaceful moments on these beaches.  These wonderful beaches will definitely set your mood and make your Budapest tour more interesting than you can imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time just by thinking about where to go or not. Without a doubt, make a good plan and try to visit all the above-discussed places to make your trip memorable for a lifetime.