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Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world known for its picturesque landscape, breathtaking beaches, and numerous stunning islands. Along with the history and culture of the country, its mainland, and islands attract the attention of tourists across the globe. For the unparalleled scenic beauty, Greek has been one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world. Be it a romantic getaway or a vacation to rejuvenate the soul, the islands in Greece will never make you get bored.

Crete to Santorini, uncountable islands are offering mesmerizing scenic beauty to the visitors. Irrespective of the seasons, Greek islands are always perfect to visit. During the summer months, some islands welcome tourists to make as party destinations. So, do you want to visit the serene Greek islands where transparent blue water enhances the beauty of the white sand beaches? Let’s know about the famous islands in Greece.


Corfu is the greenest and one of the most stunning islands in Greece. Venetian, British & English cultures made it home to cultural heritage and timeless legacy. The architecture, rich history, and paradisiacal beaches made it a popular tourist destination. Apart from the culture & history, Corfu takes pride in its diverse landscape. The rugged mountains, lush greenery, secluded bays, vineyards, & its shores allure nature lovers. Also, the vineyards surrounding the oldest village of Corfu are tourist attractions.

So, imagine your vacation at the Island where sandy stretches and pebbly coves leave an impact on the minds of tourists with their scenic beauty. Along with the beaches, you must not forget to visit Angelokastro castle, Mandraki Marina and Vlacherna Monastery. Also, Cape Drastis is another wonderful destination in Corfu where one must visit.

Santorini Greece

Known for the blue sea and awe-inspiring shore, Santorini is one of the most famous Greek Islands. Being one of the desirable honeymoon destinations in Europe, Santorini has many more to its tourists. The tranquil ambiance, romantic ferry trip, and discovering the beautiful archipelago are lifetime experiences to cherish.

Santorini itself is a volcanic island that is home to exquisite black & red beaches, multi-colored cliffs, huge volcanic craters, vineyards, and many more. Along with this, there are many historical hotspots, hillside towns, and magnificent sceneries. All these have made Santorini stand out of all. During the visit, one will find historical remnants, quaint villages, cliffs, and distinctive landscapes. The delicacies of Santorini redouble the fun of visiting this charming island.

Milos Greece

Known for the unforgettable beaches, unspoiled nature, bone-white volcanic rocks, quaint downtowns, mouthwatering seafood, and stunning landscape, Milos is a popular island in Greece. This volcanic island is also called the ‘islands of colors’. The turquoise water and rocky hills make this landscape look quite different and attractive as well. Be it sunbathing on the serene beach, or exploring the caves, Milos is the perfect destination for all.

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Whether you are a nature lover or an explorer or adventure-lover, Milos will never make you feel upset. Home to more than 70 beaches, Milos has become an international tourist hub in Greece. Its beauty attracts tourists to explore it. If you look for a destination to unwind yourself amidst the undisturbed nature, Milos will be the ultimate destination for you. Since the tourist season lasts from the month of May to October, plan your trip during this time to find out the unexplored charm of Greek islands.


The charm of Mykonos lies in its beaches, long stretched white sandy shore, whitewashed churches with historical significance, 16th-century windmills, vibrant culture, and delectable seafood. It’s the best party island that has plenty of secluded beaches. Cobbled streets of the town, Delos island, monastery of Panagia Tourliani, are the special attractions of Mykonos. Every year, this island town experiences international tourists, sun-seekers, honeymooners, and many more. Apart from the scenic beauty of the landscape, the hedonistic interior also attracts the sight of the tourists. Also, don’t forget to delight your taste buds with the tasty bite of freshly caught sea bass.


Being one of the largest beautiful Greek islands, Crete is a popular holiday destination. Crete, Europe’s oldest city, has an awe-inspiring landscape. It features itself with scores of beaches, ancient ruins, hillside taverns, summer party ambiance, and many more. History dating back to 7000 BC is still alive here with all its significance. The palace of Knossos, Minoan Palace, and eye-catching archaeological sites of the Bronze age attract the attention of tourists living far and wide. The charm of the city gets redoubled with the sight of tranquil beaches. Make your visit memorable with the lip-smacking taste of local cuisine and by unwinding at the most famous Elafonisi beach known as the best to get a golden tan.

Naxos Greece

Naxos is arguably one of the picturesque destinations in the Cyclades. Located at the Southern Aegean Sea, Naxos is a group of more than two hundred islands which makes it worthy to visit. The scenic beauty of Naxos lies in its golden beaches, green valleys, secluded ancient ruins, mountains, calm and peaceful beaches, and marble quarries. Unlike other stereotype islands, Naxos does not look barren and arid while it has fertile soil. Encompassing 430 sq km, Naxos offers amazing sights that will remain in your memory forever. Naxos, also known as the “Hawaii of Greece” is a perfect destination for activities like snorkeling, sunbathing, and exploring the history of the medieval age. Also, you must not forget to refresh yourself with a few sips of Kitron, the drink of Naxos.

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Rhodes islands

Do you want to know what makes Rhodes a well-admired tourist destination in Greece? The answer will be its astonishing & serene beaches, natural beauty along with rich diversity, significant historical sites, its never-ending myths, breathtaking views, and culinary culture. All these make a visitor experience something unforgettable. If you look at the origins of Rhodes, you will find some amazing information connected to the divine myth of Zeus and Helios. Being the oldest medieval town in Europe, Rhodes offers a lot to tourists. During your visit, take a tour to the Mandraki Port, Mosque of Suleiman, Temple of Venus, and the Knights’ Quarter to feel the real charm and beauty of the old town.

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Amorgos Greece

Not all tourists prefer to visit crowded destinations. Instead, they look for the places where nature is still in its own form that makes one soak in tranquility. If you want to walk along the off-the-beaten-track of Greece, Amorgos will be your perfect destination. Being a part of the group of Cyclades Island, Amorgos offers breathtaking scenic beauty along with delectable dishes. Expanded only 48 square miles, this tiny island is known for its overwhelming beauty. Take a tour of this heavenly island to explore something that is yet unexplored.


Surrounded by pleasing islets, white limestone cliffs, golden sandy beaches, bright turquoise waters, and stunning sea caves, Zakynthos is undoubtedly a worth-visiting island in Greece. This photography-perfect island is also home to beautiful monasteries and museums. Also, it never makes the adventure lovers get bored as you can find adrenaline-fueled activities here. 

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During your vacation in Zakynthos, don’t miss out on visiting Navagio Beach, Marathonisi Island, Porto Limnionas, and the Blue Caves. While the mountains of the North attract nature lovers, the bustling south and east region welcome party lovers.


Patmos is the Greek Island offering a relaxing retreat amidst soul-soothing serenity. The enchanting bays, crystal clear water, whitewashed mansions, and rapturous Christian fantasies are the popular attractions of Patmos. It’s a small island situated at the stunning backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Make your nerves excite with the striking beauty of secluded beaches, famous monasteries that reflect the life of the 11th Century.

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Planning for the next vacation? These islands in Greece can be your next destination that will surely overwhelm you with their natural beauty.

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