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Moscow never falls asleep …

The nightlife of Moscow is truly stunning and offers a mind-blowing experience. It takes you on a fantasy trip that you will cherish forever. Moscow is the capital city of Russia known for its vibrant nightlife. It’s the city that makes you experience a visit to the breathtaking historical sites, museums, stunning scenic beauty along with the gorgeous nightlife. Being a culturally enriched city, Moscow represents the classical forms of art such as Russian ballet, drama, opera, and theatre at their best. For those who less interested in classical forms of art, Moscow awaits an alluring nightlife for them to explore.

The nightlife in Moscow offers everything including discos, rocking party ambiance, and the exquisite city décor to fascinate you.

Let’s indulge you in a splendid nightlife experience in Moscow. It’s the city that never sleeps and itself is a city of dreams that you are going to experience.

A glimpse of nightlife in Moscow

There’s no end of fun and excitement in Moscow. Numerous nightclubs offer an array of options for vibrant nightlife. Here you’ll find the name of some most popular nightclubs in Moscow.

Gipsy Bar & Club

The Gipsy Club is the most frequently visited nightclub in Moscow. Often chosen by the foreigners, it’s perfect for enjoying a rocking evening in an ambiance full of cool music, great DJ performance, and much more. Located at the most happening area of the city, it’s a hangout destination for young individuals. Though the club had a strict door policy, with time, it evolves and now Gipsy Club welcomes the fun-loving people with its stunning and exciting ambiance


It’s the benchmark of unmatched elegance, classy style, and glamour. Moreover, RAI sets a definition for the clubbing era. This trendsetting venue attracts visitors with a positive vibe and redefined vision of life that makes RAI the most alluring and distinguished nightspots in Moscow. The pulsating ambiance, loud and extremely lavish aura combined with stunning shows, eclectic music, and the best sort of entertainment is for those who have never settled for anything less. Don’t miss out on exploring the nightlife of RAI during your vacation in Moscow.

Soho Rooms Moscow

When you start finding out the nightlife in Moscow and the best entertainment, you will be overwhelmed. Endless entertainment opportunities are there and Moscow takes pride in being the home to World class nightclubs. Soho Room is the club that attracts the social elites of Russia. The well-known club comprises four different rooms, such as the Summer Terrace, The Disco Room, The Dining Room, and The Bar Room. Here, you can experience the performance of famous DJs such as David Guetta, Alex Gaudino and many more. Apart from the lively ambiance, the amazing location of the club beside the River Moscow makes it a more attractive destination in the city. If you want to visit the premier club in Moscow, you can add Soho Rooms to your bucket list.

Duran Bar Moscow

It’s one of the famous clubs in Moscow combining a terrace, a bar, and a small club altogether. Overlooking the stunning cityscape, this club is not only spacious but also elegant. Therefore, it attracts the sophisticated class to enjoy the vibrant ambiance. Also, it’s the home to some of the best Russian and International DJs and best musical performances which make Duran Bar a must-visit destination in Moscow.

Besides these popular nightclubs. you’ll find some of the famous bars in the capital city of Russia. Being the business destination of Europe, Moscow provides top-notch entertainment to its visitors. Let’s take a look–

Kalina Bar

Nightlife in Moscow will remain incomplete without its Bars. Situated at a Moscow high-rise on the 21st floor, Kalina Bar offers a stunning city view dazzling with lights. The classy interior, elegant design, setting, and vibrant ambiance welcome the guests to enjoy their hearts out. The wide variety of drinks ranging from cocktails to mocktails attracts people from far and wide

GQ Bar

This legendary bar is the brainchild of famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov. The timeless décor made of dark oak, elegant interior, white walls, and large windows create an enticing ambiance. Close to the finest hotels of Moscow, GQ Bar attracts the business-minded and elite class crowd.

Jagger Bar 

Looking for a party atmosphere to forget about the stress of your daily life? Jagger Bar can be an excellent choice for you offering a wild night. Apart from the setting, the musical performances of this bar make you enjoy unlimited fun.

City Space Bar

One of the trendiest bars in Moscow, City Space Bar is a luxurious destination that represents the nightlife of Moscow quite well. Chic, classy, sophisticated, and ultra-modern bar is a great space for enjoying the weekend evening. Breathtaking 360-degree view of the skyline of Moscow, extravagant cocktails, and a variety of drinks make it a hotspot for fashionable elites.

Rolling Stone Bar 

The Rolling Stones is famous among the young generation who want to soak in an atmosphere of fun and frolic. Especially, it attracts young students from 18 to 21 years old. The bartenders, the amazing dancing ambiance, and an array of beverages truly tempt the young boys and girls to hang out at the bar. If you want to delve into the party mood, you must visit this bar. For sure, it will make you enter into a different world where enjoyment and entertainment have no bound.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar 

Exciting rock music, dance floor, and drinks are a perfect combination for your weekend fun. Make a visit to this bar to enjoy excitement of a night out

Powerhouse Moscow

Located at an old palace, Powerhouse is the club offering a wide array of events. From jazz nights to hip-hop or musical performances and a variety of drinks including cocktails will surely make your evening memorable.

02 Lounge

One of the famous rooftop bars, O2 Lounge has a wonderful setting beneath the geometric glass canopy. The beverage menus consist of Wine, Premium Quality authentic Vodka, Champagne, and many more. The glamorous spaces along with a stunning view of the cityscape are something that you will love to cherish.

Now, sneak a peek at the cultural heritage of the city that makes its nightlife more enriched.

Live music show at 16 Tons

Entertainment reaches a different level when live musical performance combines with it. Located at the English-themed pub, 16 Tons offers a decent platter of Russian delicacies, an eclectic line-up of guitar, and beer brewed at the same place. Visit this popular music hall to enjoy the performance and the extraordinary ambiance.

Classical Music in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory 

Known as the leading concert destination in Moscow, it is the famous music school in Russia. If you are a culture enthusiast and want to spend the evening with soulful classical music performance, you must visit here

Music and Dance in Bolshoi Theatre 

Russia is widely famous for its rich culture and its capital represents everything perfectly. Bolshoi Theatre is one of the finest opera and ballet performance halls in the country. Being the second-largest opera house in Europe, it makes you enjoy the varied ballet and eclectic opera program with traditional Russian performance.

Conclusion  As the night falls, the city wakes up…Moscow literally means the same. It’s the city where days are classic and nights are rocking. Tradition and heritage here meet modernity and trend. Along with the historical landmarks, classic architectural monuments, Moscow never fails to entertain you with its nightlife. Experience the exotic nightlife in Moscow when you visit the capital city. Truly, there’s no room to get bored in Moscow. Find out the best and affordable holiday package to take a tour to Moscow. For more exciting travel updates and info, keep on following us.

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