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One of the most popular Places to Visit, Mussoorie, also referred to as “The Queen of Hills”, is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Mussoorie sits at an altitude of 7000ft. & has a cool climate throughout the year. Mussoorie also experiences snowfall during the month of January and February creating heaven for the visitors planning to Visit this beautiful hill station.

Waterfalls and Places like Lal Tibba, Dhanaulti, and Gun Hill enhances the beauty of this place to another level. Here is a list of what to do and where to go while you are visiting Mussoorie.

Best Places to visit while in Mussoorie

Visit Lal Tibba

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Lal Tibba is a popular viewpoint, located on the top of Depot Hill in Landour. This place is located about 6km from Mussoorie. Lal Tibba provides mesmerizing views of Himalayan peaks as it is the highest point in the region with an altitude of 7164ft.

It is also a popular sunrise and sunset point. La Tibba has mesmerizing views of the Tibet border. The place is relaxing and has remains of British Architecture.

Do Visit this point while you are in Mussoorie to get hold of some of the most picturesque scenes.

Gun Hill

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Gun Hill is the second-highest point in Mussoorie. The scene from the top of this hill is a panoramic view of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges right beside the Doon Valley and a view of the hill station of Mussoorie. To get to the top of the hill, you need to take a cable car as it is situated 400ft above the mall road.

The ropeway also provides some great views of Mussoorie and adds this place in the list of must-Visit Plaaces of Mussoorie.

The Mall Road Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Places to visit in Mussoorie

The Mall is a colonial antique with benches and lampposts throughout the road. It has all the modern shops.  There would be a lot of local vendors around including photographers who can click awesome photographs for you. You can enjoy skating at the skating rinks. Sketch artists are also a part of local vendors here; you can get your sketch at this beautiful location.

Go for Nag Tibba Trek

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Nag Tibba is a relatively unknown and a very exhilarating trekking trail. The place offers a climb of about 10,000 ft. The trail of the expedition is also highly fascinating and spectacular.  The highlight of the trip is the stunning view of Bandarpoonch Peak, Kedarnath Peak, Gangotri Peak, and Doon Valley from the Nag Tibba.

The picturesque views of this trek attract adventure seekers that Visit Best Places in Mussoorie.

Company Garden

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Located just 3km away from the mall road, The Company Garden is a popular tourist attraction. The garden is a lovely place to spend an entire day out with your family and friends within the greenery and the beautiful blossoms.

There is also an artificial pond for boating with manmade waterfalls. This place is also a delight for nature lovers because of its peaceful and beautiful flora and there is a small nursery inside the park where you can buy some plants.

Visit Dhanaulti while in Mussoorie

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Located at a distance of 62 km from Mussoorie, this little town in Uttarakhand is a destination located at a height of about 7218 ft above sea level and this location is perfect for peace lovers because this place is very less visited by the tourists. The adventure sports facility is available for visitors in the form of walking over the flying fox and Burma bridges and riding horses. 

Lake Mist

Places to visit in Mussoorie

This lake is one of the best and most beautiful spots to Visit in Mussoorie. The emerald green water surrounded by green forest and having a great view of the mountain range makes this Place a must-Visit. Lake Mist falls on the way to Kempty Falls.

Waterfalls That Must visit in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls is one of the most popular tourist attraction and picnic spots in Mussoorie. This waterfall is situated at a height of 4500 ft. The pond formed at the bottom of the falls makes an excellent spot for swimming and bathing. This popular waterfall is crowded throughout the year.

Bhatta Falls

Places to visit in Mussoorie

The Bhatta Falls in Mussoorie is a famous picnic spot and a popular tourist attraction. To reach the main spot of the waterfall you need to hike for about 500m. This small hike also gives a little satisfaction to the adventure lovers.

One of the most incredible facts about Bhatta Waterfall is that it is not yet commercialized which retains its natural setting and offers peace to the visitors.  The place has some small eateries as well for you to enjoy some food with a great peaceful view of this natural waterfall.

Jharipani Falls Mussoorie

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Jharipani Falls is located 6 km downhill of Mussoorie in the Jharipani village.  The key attraction of Jharipani Falls is the 1.5 km trek to reach the base. During the time of sunset, the view of the hills is just amazing when you are standing by this waterfall and the sky turns red. This waterfall gushes with water during the monsoon but remains a little quiet for the rest of the year.

Mossy Falls Visit in Mussoorie

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Mossy Falls is a secret waterfall off the hill town of Mussoorie. Located at a distance of 7 km from the main city, Mossy Falls is named after the moss-laden rocks surrounding the gushing waterfalls. This mesmerizing waterfall offers great sight as it is hidden from the daily chaos of the city.

The key attraction of this waterfall is a Shivalinga hidden near the fall, which is drenched by the continuously flowing water. The sound of the roaring water, chirping of the birds, and beautiful views of nature give you the much-needed break from the routine.

The best time to visit-Although the weather is cool here throughout the year, months like April-June will suitable to visit to escape the heat in the plains. If you want to enjoy snowfall then consider visiting this place in January

Ideal stay- 2-4 days.


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