Travelling is one of the most important parts of our life that more or less we love to do at least once a year. Some people have a fascination with the sea and several others with hill stations. If sea beaches attract you more than snow-clad mountains, this piece of writing will be ideal for you. Here we will talk about breath-taking beaches in Singapore. Undoubtedly, it is known to all that if you visit Singapore, you can enjoy some wonderful moments on amazing beaches.

So, if you are planning to take a short break from your daily life and want to spend some wonderful days, Singapore is the best place to go. The fantastic beauty of this place will make you highly impressed. Well, move on to the adjoined passage to know a few most popular and beautiful beaches in Singapore that you must visit.

Beaches in Singapore

Enjoy the best beach vacation in Singapore with your partner and family

If you are a beach lover and want to explore the beauty of nature, the beaches of Singapore can make you happy.

You can divide Singapore beaches into two parts. One is the east coast beaches and the other one is the beaches of Sentosa Island. Both parts are quite beautiful. So, you can definitely enjoy some wonderful moments.

If you love to enjoy some fun-filled activities and you are looking for some vibrant beaches, you must come to the beaches of Sentosa Island. But, if you want to spend some relaxing moments with your family and partner, you must visit east coast beaches.

This island country has astonishing beaches to refresh you. So, don’t think twice before coming. You will definitely enjoy a good trip here.

Now, come to the subsequent points to know some important information about beaches in Singapore.

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach

In the middle of Sentosa, Palawan beach is located. Once you come here you will not want to go back to your city. The glory of this beach is mind-blowing. Here you will get to see palm trees that add a wow factor to the beach. The shimmering white sand, blue sky, crystal-clear water will make you extremely happy. Here you can also enjoy superb beach bars.

This beach is the perfect place for capturing photos. No doubt, we all love to take pictures as these are the only things that we can cherish for a lifetime. Memories fade away but pictures do not! So, don’t hesitate to click photos as much as you can.

If you have kids, they will love to spend time in the port of the lost world. This is one of the most interesting tourist attractions. So, try to come here. You can also visit the pirate-themed water park. Here is not the end, you can also get restaurants to enjoy some delicious food. If you are looking for some places to shop, then also you can get here. Cabana-style beach bars will excite you. So, don’t think before visiting this beach.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

Siloso beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Singapore. If you are going through a busy schedule and want to spend some relaxing moments, you can come to this beach. The magnificent beauty of this superb beach will make you relax. After coming here, you will not get any chance to feel bored. Here you can enjoy many activities. Such as, you can dance with your partner, play volleyball with your team. Apart from these, you can also arrange a party to have a delightful time. You can also enjoy horse riding.

The best time to come here is from November to January and May to August. Here you can also experience a banana ride which is quite interesting and funny. You can enjoy shopping and spend time in beachside restaurants. So, coming here would be your ideal consideration.

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

When you are looking for the best beach in Singapore, you should come to this beach. Sentosa Tanjong beach is an outstanding man-made wonder. On the south coast of Santosa, it is located. This crescent-shaped beachline is really amazing. It is one of the most famous party spots. If you want to throw a beach party for your friend for any special occasion, you can easily make a plan here. The tropical palm trees have made this beach more beautiful than you can imagine.

This beach has a different vibe so, it can be the ultimate destination for the night beach party. You can come here anytime in the year but the best time is October to February. If you want to enjoy a beachside swimming pool, you can do that here. Apart from all these, you will get the chance to enjoy a rental bike ride and deck chairs as well. So, what more do you want? Everything is there.

Now, here are a few beaches which are located on the east coast.

Changi Beach

changi beach

Changi beach is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore. If you want to spend some wonderful time with your family you can definitely opt for this one. It is one of the most popular and perfect family beaches. After coming here, you will get to see many fitness enthusiasts who prefer coming here for jogging. Here you will get a good number of facilities. You can enjoy camping, beach barbeque which is extremely popular among beach lovers. Apart from these, you can also enjoy cycling, and kids will get a playground to play in. So, you can definitely come here to have a memorable time.

Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach

Many people prefer visiting some offbeat beaches. If you are also like them, you can choose Punggol Beach. The mesmerizing beauty of this beach will make you feel so happy that you will not want to go home. The calmness of this beach attracts everybody. It is the best beach for couples who want to spend some ‘WE TIME’ together. The sunset and sunrise are amazing in one word. Once you watch you will remember that for your lifetime. So, try to come here once to make your trip memorable.

Kusu Island

Kusu Island

Kusu Island- is another most beautiful beach in Singapore. One of the most interesting things is, here you will get to see hundreds of turtles. Kids will love to come to this place. So, if you have children, don’t miss this beach. Crystal clear blue sky, lush green trees, white sand and clear water will make your mind fresh. You can enjoy many water sports here. Another popular tourist attraction is the museums on Kusu Island. The best time to visit here is September to November. So, you can easily come here to spend some blissful time.

Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island

Undoubtedly, you will get many pleasant beaches in Singapore, but the beaches on Lazarus Island have some different charm. It is one of the best beaches in Singapore that you must visit. Lazarus Island is the country’s top secret. The wonderful pleasant atmosphere will help you make an escape from the city noise. Actually, the clear water, white sand, and cheery atmosphere can make any honeymoon couple happy. It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Singapore. So, you can definitely come here. on the sea beaches, you will get the chance to taste exotic seafood and several other popular foods of Singapore. So, add this beach to your places to visit list on your trip.

Pulau Hantu Island

Pulau Hantu Island

If you are looking for that kind of beach in Singapore where you can enjoy camping, you can definitely opt for Pulau Hantu Island. The Pulau Hantu Island is a picture-perfect island which is situated in the southern region of Singapore. Here you will get to see rich biodiversity. With sheltered beaches, lush greenery lagoons, and blue waters, this beach is awesome. Here you will get the chance to enjoy several fun activities like fishing, snorkelling, camping, and scuba diving. So, what are you thinking about guys? Everything is present here. So, if you miss this beach, you will definitely miss something more beautiful than your imagination. Here you can also enjoy a wonderful nature walk with your partner and family as well. So, don’t skip this beach. You will definitely have a fantastic experience.

So, these are a few beaches and you will get many more to explore. A list of more beaches in Singapore is given below.

Sembawang Park- For spending a few quiet hours with your family and to make an escape from the noise, you can come here. warm sun, cool breeze, water sports and nearby historical spots will amaze you. So, you can come here.
Pasir Ris Beach- It is another most popular beach in Singapore. For capturing perfect pictures, this beach can be the best beach. Here you can enjoy water sports. So, don’t think twice about coming here.
Pulau Ubin- To get the flavour of local delicacies, you can come here. Once you come, you will not get any chance to be disappointed. So, try to enlist this beach in your trip plan.

So, there are some beaches that you can visit.

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Now, come to the next part of this piece of writing where we will discuss a few most popular questions which are frequently asked.

Does Singapore have fantastic beaches?

Yes, Singapore holds a good number of beaches that you can visit with your family.

Is there any opportunity to swim at Changi beach?

Yes, you can swim. Apart from this, you can also enjoy bike riding, cycling and also enjoy a picnic here.

What is the best beach to enjoy sunbathing in Singapore?

You can have many west coast beaches and east coast beaches in Singapore where you can visit to enjoy a sunbath.

So, these are a few questions most people ask prior to making a plan.

Well, after going through all the above passages, it is sure that you have enough knowledge about east coast and west coast beaches in Singapore. So, it will not be a problem to make a good plan. Once you read this piece of writing, you can definitely prepare for a fantastic Singapore trip. So, don’t be late. Start planning today and make your trip memorable.


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