Amsterdam tourist attractions


As its own culture, history and, the impressive surroundings, Amsterdam is one of the most electrifying destinations around the world. If you pick this magical city as the next stop of your itinerary, you’ll amass a bucket of fresh rewarding experiences.

Things to do in Amsterdam are infinite. It’s blessed with thousands of attractions and activities. This guide will lead you to cover the best and must do’s during your wonderful days in the picturesque capital of the Netherlands. We’ve whittled down 25 most favorable activities you need to try out.

Wander Arty Jordaan


The most popular neighborhood in the city. Dreamy narrow canals, streets, and quaint buildings detail the elegance of its culture. The arty surroundings and dedicated art galleries open doors to enjoy the city in new ways. Background street music will immerse yourself in a peaceful stroll. Do not miss to add a foodie flavor to your wander from the homey eateries around.

Sloterplas (Hidden lake)


Heading over to the Sloterplas allows you to reveal Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets. Surroundings of the Sloterplas Lake enable you to engage with numerous water activities such as boat rides. Most probably, you have wandered over the hidden secrets here. It’s really surprising to perceive the existence of a hidden underwater house called ‘Cockelbockel’. Seek guidance from an expert diver and witness the hidden underwater scene.

Explore Ouderkerk Aan De Amstel (12th Century Village)


Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is one of the top things to see in Amsterdam. Exploring the village by cycling enables you to enjoy the ride with its aged and scenic architecture. Village packed with ancient churches, houses, and Beth Haim of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. It also included the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Netherlands.

Try Herring From Herring Carts (Broodje Haring)


Do not miss to try the most popular Herring which is considered as a major part of street foods in Amsterdam, Herring is a small size fish which is famed amongst Dutch people. Broodje Haring is a sandwich made from salt-cured herring. Finding a herring cart is the easiest way to clinch your herring cravings.

Visit Haarlem


When searching for Amsterdam attractions, Haarlem deserves the top position. As its own culture, charming backgrounds, and bunch of the best museums add up extra fab to the city. So many things are happening around the city throughout the year including river cruising, shopping festivals, weekly market and more.

Bloemendaal Aan Zee & Zandvoort Aan Zee


Bloemendaal Aan Zee totally offers a party atmosphere. Head here to lose yourself on a dance floor with the sunset. Enjoy the day with a party mood in this beachy surroundings. Neighbour  Zandvoort Aan Zee does not offer that much of a party atmosphere and it’s better for a family beach escape.

Zaanse Schans


Another awe-inspiring attraction of Amsterdam tourism. Zaanse attracts millions of people per year. It’s an industrial area that comes from the 18th century. The city lets you take the architecture and the industrial background of the period piece houses, windmills, workshops, and warehouses.

Westergas Culture


Westergas is frequently busy with its own schedules. Former industrial buildings have been converted into a cultural complex including creative hubs. Various events are happening around the year including, exhibitions, food markets, cultural events, and festivals. You can also explore cool restaurants, galleries, and shops while grabbing its cultural features.

Museumplein Buildings & Museum


Green spaces surrounded by Amsterdam’s best museums. Ideal place to unwind with and feel the sunshine while laying on the greeneries. You can easily find the museums including Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum within walking distance.

Canal Cruise, Dancing Houses & Fairy Light Bridges


Canal cruising is the first thing that anyone comes into their mind when they focus on what to do in Amsterdam. Cruising on Amsterdam’s canals is the best and the catchy way to explore the city sights. Dancing form houses which are called “Dancing Houses” is one of the main attractions in Amsterdam you’ll find while cruising on canals.

While you cruise in the evenings, Amsterdam will be dressed up in lights along with the canals and bridges. It grants you a magical experience that you never had before.

Paradiso, Roodie Bi Scoop, De’school, Ot301


When you are entertaining, Amsterdam hosts you in thousands of ways. Amongst them, few are events & venues are notable. Paradiso is a culture based live music event happening in Amsterdam. Theater de Roode Bioscoop was a cinema building in the past which now hosts live music parties and similar events with the theatre atmosphere.

If you are seeking to find a nightclub De School is ready to set your mood plus foods and drinks. If you grab OT301, it allows you to live in a cultural background with live music, dance, performances, theatre, markets, and workshops. Never miss enjoying this bunch of enjoyment venues when you are in Amsterdam.

Muiderslot & De Waard Castle


The rich history and the culture of Amsterdam is outstanding in every detail of the city. Muiderslot & De Waar Castle is another spacious way of representing all architecture and cultural values. Exploring here lets you feel a fantasy with its dreamy castle moat.

Eye Film Museum


Allows you to enjoy collections of Dutch and foreign movies. Totally based on an arty and cultural background. Most of Dutch films and posters have been preserved there and this is another must to see travel hotspot in Amsterdam.

De Negen Staratjes (The Nine Streets)


Streets crossing two canals and it makes nine fancy streets along with the dreamy canals. Surroundings are perfect for shopping and thrilling with its beautiful shops, cozy cafes and restaurants based around the streets.

Bollenstreek (Tulip Fields)


Bollenstreek is a unique fascination in Amsterdam. Millions of eye-catching flowers blossom will impress you. Catch this display surely while on your itinerary to Amsterdam and feel the true vivid colors.

Vondel Park


The largest park in Amsterdam. The joy and the activities to do in this park are also enormous as it sounds. Enjoying the sunshine, jogging, relaxing on the greenery grass fields allow you to refresh yourself.

NSDM wharf


NSDM is an old shipyard turned into a cultural hotspot. Comprehensive events and activities happening here. This place is totally designed to set travelers’ mood to an entertaining escape with live music, festivals, performance, bars, restaurants, parties, and far more.

Anne Frank Museum


Anne Frank is a famed native who has lived in Amsterdam. She was a writer who used her house for hiding during world war II. The house brings tons of value architectural, cultural, and historical values. Now it’s converted into a museum and exhibitions are more frequent here. This is an ideal place to discover Amsterdam’s history and its valued culture which comes from the past.

Kiduff Al De Ton Ton Club


De Ton Ton Club hosts a range of arcade games. Trying foods with American and Japanese touches will make a great feel. Heading over to the Ton Ton Club allows you to refresh and set a chill mood with numerous entertainable things.

Van Gogh Museum


The museum exhibits hundreds of paintings, drawings, and letters of Van Gogh. This is considered as another best travel hotspot in Amsterdam. Great way to study the art and the culture of Amsterdam. This premises enables you to engage with art workshops and far more related activities.

Electric Ladyland


The only dedicated fluorescent museum in the world. Heading to this is a must point in your things to do in Amsterdam list. The surroundings make you feel you live in a dream. Experience in Electric Ladyland would long last as the uniqueness of it.

Broomerijt (Most Famous Microbrewery)


Broomerijt is one of the oldest craft breweries in the Netherlands. Travelers love to try Broomerijt as the popularity and the uniqueness of it. Do not miss to find and raise a glass of Broomerijt during your visit to Amsterdam.

Visit Jordaan


Town is filled with scenic canals, narrow roads, shops and restaurants. Sights in Jordaan are limitless. Every corner of the city is rich in its own graceful architecture. Ideal place for shopping and enjoy the colourful city while sipping hot coffee or tea.

Dam Square


Situated in the heart of the city. Spending time there won’t feel you board as the street performances and the giant period piece buildings with wealthy architectural details. There are lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries around here. It’s not easy to grab a sheet from a restaurant near this as the popularity of the location.

Red Light District


The area is more famous amongst adults. Brothels, sex shops, and related events and activities are the outstanding factors of the city. Beyond that, it’s also rich in great architecture with beautiful surroundings. Also packed with classy restaurants, shops, and cafes with charming canals.