Searching for an escape in pleasing London? Unsurprisingly, it included every travelers’ travel plan. Accordingly, it hosts millions of people per year as the most visited city in Europe. When you arrive in the city, your head may suggest endless things to do in dreamy London.

As the beautiful sights and the thousands of things to do in the city. It’s more challenging to emphasize the top 25 things to do in London. However, considering the values and the preferences of the travelers, we have finalized our things-to-do list. Check out the following points and make sure to grab them during your London city tour.

Palace of Westminster

The political center of London. The glamorous architecture of the houses of parliament with the iconic Big Ben clock tower is to offer great impressions about the city. After spotting the landmarks and the beauty of the surroundings, enjoying a tea or a coffee in a restaurant beside the Thames may push yourself into boundless relief.


Thames cruise

The Thames is considered as the longest river in London. It’s another iconic location in the town. Jumping into a boat and cruising is the best way to catch key sights in the city including the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the Houses of Parliament. If you get there at night, it enables you to catch flashy views filled with lights along the river.


The O2

This spot offers numerous approaches to entertain yourself. Let The O2 entertain you through live music shows, cinemas, and related activities which are happening more frequently here. Moreover, if you are to seek an adventure, it also allows climbing the roof of O2 for catching spectacular unique views.


Shopping at Oxford Street

Shopping is another best-loved point among things to do in London. Oxford street offers hundreds of shops and it’s known as the busiest shopping street in Europe. Don’t miss to walk into the popular department stores and designer stores to take in the charming displays. Mark this as a must thing to cover during your itinerary.


Get Crafts From Electric Avenue

The specialty of the streets already contained in its name. It’s the very first market street lit up by electricity in London. Located in Brixton and packed with diverse shops and small businesses. Especially people heading to this market to buy masterpiece crafts and to try new food. Live music from the background constantly adds an additional impression for your shopping stroll.


Leicester Square

One of the major entertainment centers in the city. Hosts a range of entertaining events such as cinemas, dancing performances, and cultural events. Giant screens in the background represent the well devoted cinema atmosphere. The garden, situated in the center of the square and the restaurants around brings infinite relaxation.


Enjoy Sundays at the Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market. Another gripping event happening on Sundays. This is also consider as London’s oldest flower market. The market surroundings with vivid flowers set your mood to live in a dreamy paradise. Never leave the premises without a bunch of flowers.


Nightlife in Soho

Soho, home to London’s best restaurants, theaters, and clubs. Enjoying nightlife in Soho is the best way to relish the location. Soho is more popular amongst the LGBTQ community as the numerous gay and lesbian bars. Ideal place for people-watching while sipping a tea or a coffee from a pavement cafe.

Buckingham Palace


Home of the British Royal Family. Another must thing you should add to your things to do checklist. Palace offers stunning sights with its own royal outlook and the greenery gardens. Stroll through the gardens while taking the actual beauty of the surroundings. You may be allowed to enter only for limited parts of the palace and it’s adequate to study the Royal Lifestyle.


Fancy views from Sky Garden

Considered as the highest public garden in London. Ideal for spending evenings here with the view of the sunset. Observation deck and an open-air terrace have been offered to enjoy panoramic views. Catch all these fancy and iconic views while enjoying swanky cocktails from the sky garden’s classy restaurants and bars.


Historical Tower of London

Located on the north bank of the River Thames. The premises are sometimes busy with special occasions in the Royal Family. Tower is rich with its own historical values. Tower has served various purposes in the past. Spending time here allows you to get the historical values of the city.


Platform 9 ¾ is real

Platform 9 ¾  used for the Harry Potter movie, which is located in Kings Cross train station. If you are a Harry Potter lover, this is a must place to add to your travel bucket list. You can capture yourself with the luggage trolley disappearing into the wall wearing your favorite house colors. Don’t leave the place without buying a monument from the dedicated Harry Potter shop.


Views from The Shard

Great place to catch spectacular views of London city. The shard compacted with offices, restaurants, and hotels. Find the Sky deck and the open-air area on the 72nd floor in the shard. Spending time here, leads you to amaze yourself with spectacular city views.


Explore Little Venice

Filled with scenic waterways, narrow boats, gardens, and seafood restaurants. Boat rides,chilling in the restaurants and pubs are the most favorable things to do here. Strolling along the leafy streets while taking attractions around, is another ideal way to enjoy your day in Little Venice.


Flashy Piccadilly Circus

Another busy spot in the city. Bright lights and giant screens increase the entertaining value of the setting. Packed with London’s major theaters and nightclubs. The statue of Eros which is dotted in the center of the circus is more popular amongst visitors.


Browse history at the Museum of London

The museum enables overlooking the historical values including hundreds of facts. In total, it contains more than six million objects, and holds the title as the largest urban history collection in the world.


The oldest Wilton’s Music Hall

Holds the record as the oldest grand music hall in the world. Still offers an entertaining atmosphere with contemporary classical music concerts, opera, puppetry, classical music events, and magic shows. Don’t miss to enjoy yourself in this unique atmosphere.

Enjoy food in Chinatown

Crammed with Chinese lanterns and eye-catching red arches. Asian restaurants, supermarkets, and pubs host unique and diverse experiences for visitors. Surroundings are frequently busy with events of the East Asian community. Probably, you could cover a range of Asian experiences from food to cosmetics here.


Meet dinosaurs in the Crystal Palace Park

An enormous park populated with Victorian dinosaur sculptures. Ideal to take memorable captures with dinosaurs and indulge yourself into a great escape.If you are traveling with kids this is a must-visit the place, as premises offer a maze, a children’s farm, a playground, an outdoor concert stage with large greenery spaces.


Catch fireworks at Ally Pally

Well-known entertaining avenue in the town. Music events of the big name bands are more frequent here. Premises contained forest adventure ground, a skate park, a garden center, a golf course, seasonal events, and many more enjoyable things. Boat riding in the boating lake will boost up your joy. Undergo this boundless entertaining hub and lose yourself in a tiny paradise.


Spot wildlife at Walthamstow Wetlands

Walthamstow Wetlands, home to various wildlife species. It opened recently, but proudly holds the title as Europe’s biggest urban wetland nature reserve. Must place to cover for bird lovers. Breathtaking surroundings allow you to dip yourself in an endless relaxation with nature.


Reveling at Printworks

A former newspaper printing press, which transferred into a club space. Great place to thrill and enable party mood. Totally a dreamy space filled with laser lights and music. Lose yourself with the live music or the DJs while dancing under the dazzling lasers.


Vibrant BFI

British Film Institute (BFI) an ideal place for cinema lovers. Located in South bank and easy to find. Beyond entertaining, it hosts exhibitions and related programs to share the cultural values of the British film industry. Entertain yourself in a cinema paradise while adding something new to your knowledge.


Unwind in Hampstead Heath Ponds

Picturesque ponds setting amidst grassy surroundings. Only life guarded and public swimming ponds in the UK. But make sure to visit there in the summer as its only public in summer. If someone interested in swimming here during winter, needs to join the club by paying a certain amount of annual fee. However, this is a top place to swim during your London itinerary.


Showy Brick Lane

Treat yourself from the various kinds of restaurants, and sweet shops filled with a range of cuisines. Eye-popping street arts add endless elegance to make your stroll more vibrant. It’s not limited to foods and street arts, also an awesome place for shopping. Spend a memorable time at Brick Lane.