Mumbai to Goa Road Trip


The new year has just arrived and it is the right time to make a trip. After a hectic tiring work schedule in Mumbai, everyone wants to enjoy some good time with family and friends. You are no exception. Definitely, you also love to spend quality time with your loved ones. So, traveling is the best option for you. It is needless to say that, you will get a lot of places and there are so many modes of transportation that you can avail of. But what will be the most interesting? It is a road trip. It will be awesome if you opt for a long drive with your family. And, what will be the destination? It must be the Mumbai to Goa Road trip.

No doubt, you will have the option to travel from Mumbai to Goa by Train. But it will not be as fun-filled as Mumbai to Goa by Road. Goa is one of the most popular and beautiful Tourist Destinations in India. People around the world come here to enjoy some wonderful time. It is one of the most favorite tourist spots because of its pristine sea beaches. The coastline of the beaches of Goa offers mind-blowing views that Attract Tourists.

Before you start your trip and convince your partner or family, have a look at the below passage. Definitely, you will know a little information that will help you Make Your Trip more interesting than you can imagine.

Wonderful places to visit between Mumbai and Goa

Undoubtedly, the way to Goa from Mumbai is outstanding in one word. The scenic beauty of the road will mesmerize you. You will surely fall in love with beautiful nature. It will be an awesome chance to explore the western ghat and your journey will be superb. Well, here are some places to stop by on the road trip- Mumbai to Goa.



It is the doorway to the Konkan coast. Karnala Bird Sanctuary is situated here and you will get the chance to enjoy wildlife photography. This place will offer you many attractions like Karnala fort.

So, it is no need to say that, don’t forget to come here to explore the beauty of nature.



Who doesn’t want to go to Lonavala? Everyone dreams of visiting this place, once in a lifetime. It is such a beautiful place that you will not want to go anywhere once you come here. The green valley of this place adds another charm. Mother nature has decorated herself in a beautiful way here. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Maharashtra. To escape the heat of the summer season, most Mumbaikars come here. Major attractions of this place are Lonavala lake, Karla and Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Dam, Kune Falls. So, don’t think twice to stop over here to enjoy some wonderful time with your family. This place will make your trip memorable.

So, add this one to your places to visit list during the Mumbai to Goa Road trip.



Satara is another most beautiful historical place to visit. If you love to know about the ancient history of any place, this place will give you that chance. It was the seat of Shivaji, so, you will get to know about Chhatrapati Shivaji. Well, the major attractions of this place are Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum, Shri Uttara Chidambaram Temple, Ajinkyatara.

So, don’t think twice about visiting here. You will definitely enjoy the place.



It is one of the most popular places which is popularly known for its wonderful temples. Here, one thing is to be said, don’t forget to enjoy Misal pav. People all over India, and other countries as well, come here to seek the blessing of God. If you love to do shopping while traveling, you can also buy Kolhapuri sarees. Apart from this, major attractions of this place are Rankala Lake, Jyotiba Complex, Bhavani Mandap. So, try to come here to have a look at this beautiful place during your Mumbai to Goa Road trip.

So, these are a few places to visit while you are going to Goa from Mumbai by road.

Now, come to another part of this piece of writing, where you will get to know another most interesting and at the same time important facts about any road trip.

Things you need to know if you are planning for a road trip

First of all, you need to examine your health before you start your journey.

It is important to collect all the necessary medicine to avoid any untoward situation while traveling. Such as fever, nausea, headache, vomiting.

Make sure that your car is in good condition. Do a thorough check-up of your car to be sure about the good health of the car. Make sure that car tires are in good status.

If you are planning to go by bike, then try to carry minimum clothes, otherwise, you can carry as you wish.

Take plenty of water and make sure that your body is not in a dehydrated condition. You can also carry dry fruits to munch.

It is a must to ensure that you are well aware of the traffic rule.

You should maintain a decent speed limit to avoid accidents.

So, these are a few things that you need to check before starting any road trip.

Now, move on to another part of the writing to know more information.

Most asked questions about Mumbai to Goa Road trip

most asked questions

People ask a lot of questions while planning a trip from Mumbai to Goa by road. Here a few are discussed below.

How long does it take to drive to reach Goa from Mumbai?

Well, the minimum time to go to Goa from Mumbai is about 12-14 hours if you go through NH 66. But, one thing must be said that it depends on the road traffic as well.

Can we go to Goa from Mumbai by road?

Yes, you can drive. The road condition is absolutely fine. So, there is no need to be worried. You can surely enjoy an amazing ride.

Is it safe to drive?

Yes, it is absolutely safe but, you have to be quite careful to drive at night time.

Which road should I take?

It is quite important to choose the right route to have an amazing experience. If the road is in good condition your driving experience will be awesome. So, it is absolutely necessary. You can choose the NH48 or NH 66 route.

If you choose the NH48 route, you can visit Lohagad Fort, Belgaum, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Kaas Pathar Plateau, Karnala Bird Sanctuary. And, apart from these, you can also enjoy the safari at Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. If you love to trek, this safari will be fantastic. You can watch the Dudhsagar Falls by trekking and wonderful wildlife as well. So, it can be said that this route has many more things to offer to the visitors.

One thing you must know is that most of the Mumbai to Goa Road route through NH48 is a straight four-lane road with many stopovers through the way. It is wonderful for a family trip, and be ready for a good number of toll booths on the way. The road is so straight and plain to travel that it is also excellent for a night drive from Mumbai to Goa.

In case you choose NH66, you will get a lot of beautiful places to explore. Such as heritage structures, religious destinations, historic sites and many more. If you don’t stop anywhere, it will take about 12 hours.

Well, here are a few wonderful places that you can visit if you are going through NH66.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary- it is the home of 222+ species of birds.

Apart from this one, you can explore Ganpatipule, Pen, Kolad, Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, Sawantwadi and many more places.

So, it can be said that whatever the road you are going to choose, your experience will be mind-blowing.

These two roads are the most popular that most people prefer to choose.

Now, it is the right time to know about Goa.

Things to do in Goa

things to do in Goa

Goa is one of the most famous destinations due to its impressive beaches. The beautiful beaches of this place will give you the chance to enjoy the sunlight. You can spend some wonderful time with your family looking at the awesome water body under the clear blue sky.

Some famous beaches of Goa are- Baga, Morjim, Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna and many more.

You will get a lot of restaurants in Goa and don’t forget to try delicious seafood. You must visit the best seafood restaurants in Goa. So, you can try Mums Kitchen in Panjim, Suwadik in Panjim.

Your Goa trip will be incomplete if you don’t try water sports. All the fulfilled water activities will make you feel happy and excited. Here, you can enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, flyboarding, parasailing, speed boating and many more.

You can also enjoy the lavishness of cruises. Your holidays will be memorable if you enjoy cruises.

Goa nightclubs are also quite famous like Tito’s Bar and Club, Soro-the Village Pub, Silent Noise Club and many more.

So, it is for sure that your Goa trip will be awesome with lots of activities. You just need to make the plan and fix the date of your trip.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Don’t waste a single moment. Make your plan for the Mumbai to Goa Road trip, today and enjoy the holiday with your family or partner. The entire trip will be fantastic with an amazing driving experience. The road is smooth and Goa is waiting for your steps. Just pack your luggage and start the journey. It will be a lifetime experience indeed!