A dreamy paradise that boasts wealthy culture, sights, urban beaches, and boundless things to do. Everyone can revel in Barcelona, there’s something for every type of traveler. Obviously, it’s impressive as your fervor to explore Barcelona.

When you are packing for Barcelona, you probably don’t know where to begin and what sights you need to explore. It’s impulsive as the thousands of attractive sights may jam your head. We have whittled down the best things to do in Barcelona. Make sure to hit these things up during your escape to the charming city, Barcelona.

Here are 15 must do thing in Barcelona Best Barcelona Attraction

Iconic La Boqueria

La Boqueria offers an educational experience and beautiful sights at once. Decorated with plenty of new foods. An ideal place for settling down your new food cravings. It’s a tiny food dreamland, thrill yourself in the market’s bars while enjoying the iconic atmosphere.

aesthetically-pleasing-and-delicious-food-in-la-boqueria Barcelona Attractions

Chill out on City Beaches

Barcelona boasts numerous city beaches including Baby’s del Fòrum, Llevant, Nova Mar Bella, Mar Bella, and Bogatell. All beaches crammed with travelers at all. Excellent place to unwind while observing the sunshine. Surroundings are probably the same as other city beaches in the world, But restaurants beside the beach elevate the entertaining atmosphere of these beaches.

crowded-beaches-in-barcelona Barcelona Attractions

Picasso Museum

Leaving Barcelona without grabbing Picasso’s lifestyle and background of his arts looks imperfect. The museum was founded in 1963 and it’s filled with over 4,000 works by Pablo Picasso. Visitors may find even from the sketches of his works. You may wonder after letting on his ceramic arts. There are infinite values to explore in this museum and partly you could catch temporary exhibitions too.

paintings-in-the-picasso-museum Barcelona Attractions

Explore Barcelona City History Museum

If you are excited about Barcelona’s rich and worthy history, mark the History Museum as a must-visit the place. Elevated walkways have been designed inside of the museum to stroll by covering 4,000 square meters. In here, few Roman sites have been preserved and you’ll find remnants of a garum factory, laundries, and dyeing shops.

inside-of-the-barcelona-city-history-museum Barcelona Attractions

Stylish Gràcia

Gràcia is a way to find the feeling of the small dreamy towns. The surroundings will push yourself into a different mood with its charming beauty. A bunch of restaurants, cafes, and bars beside the streets lets you enjoy the place in your own style. The location is popular amongst the young community. In August, the area transforms into a dreamland with its decorations by residents.

street-in-gràcia Barcelona Attractions

Step inside Palau de la Música Catalana

Built by Gaudí’s contemporary, Lluís Domènech i Montaner. It has been named as a UNESCO world heritage. This century concert hall allows people to enjoy opera, symphonies, and folk music. Interiors and the talent of the designers outstanding every phase of the building. Don’t miss to catch a performance here. check the schedules and be aware of what is happening there, before visiting the place.

inside-view-of-palau-de-la-música-catalana Barcelona Attractions

Spend time in Plaça de Catalunya

The best place to rest your feet on a peaceful evening. Also well-known as the best meeting point in the city. People love to feed the pigeons here. In the middle of the location a tourism information center has been placed to help out all the travelers regarding the city and surroundings. Relaxing in the Plaça de Catalunya is a great choice and you can also catch the best restaurants and shops around. 

aerial-view-of-plaça-de-catalunya Barcelona Attractions

Try the beach-side paella

Famous restaurants in Barcelona serve up unforgettable mouth-watering paella moments for travelers. Berlin is home to some best restaurants, especially on the beach-side; plenty of restaurants to host you than the central part of the city. Grab a seat from one of these restaurants to stuff your face with delicious paella.

delicious-paella-dish Barcelona Attractions

Gothic Quarter

The Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), an old city rich with plenty of historical values. Stroll through the narrow scenic streets, it will enable you to catch views regarding Barcelona’s history. Rest your feet by  Plaça de Felip Neri, it serves a calm atmosphere and incredible elegance with unique architectural details of historical buildings around.

front-view-of-the-gothic-quarter Barcelona

Enjoy Churros con Chocolate party

One of Barcelona’s craziest events, amongst things to do in Barcelona. LGBTQ+ crowd is so excited to catch this event. The event is known as the monthly themed party. The event initially started in 2012. This is a free event which is happening for hours, but try to get there in the first hour to enjoy chocolate.

colorful-churros-chocolate-party Barcelona

Chill out at Sónar, Primavera Sound and Cruilla

Barcelona hosts many music festivals all over the year. If you are a crazy music lover, you should definitely try these main music events. Sónar, Primavera Sound and Cruïlla, each of these festivals has great vibes and allow you to lose yourself in an incredible music atmosphere.

crowded-primavera-sound-music-festival Barcelona

Catch urban art at Bostik Murals

The very first museum was dedicated to urban arts. Colorful walls and buildings, filled with murals lead you to an insane feeling as its creativity. Catch incredible murals by renowned muralists such as Sixe Paredes, Sheone, Sebastien Waknine, BToy, Fasim, etc. Location also hosts events and they release their walls for fresh muralists to practice.


Walk inside La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is another must-visit place in Barcelona. It’s a devoted temple to the Holy Family and it’s known as the world’s largest unfinished church. Because of the rush, you need to book tickets prior to visiting this place. It’s better if you place the booking at least before 3 days. A full guided tour will offer you to enjoy the incredible beauty of the inside.


Raise a glass at Blend and Bottled wine studio

Massive space with a giant testing table. Probably, set the atmosphere as a cool living room. Building has spectacular walls, finished by exposed bricks. Wine experience, in a charming frame with high walls allows to feel it in a different way. Catching events happening around here is also a fresh experience. In addition, premises allow people to learn something by well prepared wine theory classes.


Stroll La Rambla street

Popular travel hotspot in Barcelona, which runs through the city center. An ideal place to stroll while grabbing the beauty of the town. Old-school florists, gelaterías, and candy stalls add more joy to your wander and don’t miss trying them out. Immerse yourself into a charming wander with giant historic buildings besides.


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