Venice is a beautiful place and it has been witnessing millions of tourists from all around the world. Venice is most famous for gondola rides. Yes, people come here to enjoy the natural beauty, nightlife and gondola rides. It is one of the most romantic things to do in Venice. Undoubtedly, Venice is outstanding but it is much better from the water. So, if you are planning to make a short trip with your partner, you can definitely come here. Venice has many things to surprise you. Once you visit here, you will understand the reasons for its huge popularity. You will get to know why people feel crazy about this place. here you can not only enjoy day life but also the nightlife in Venice is wonderful. You can have many interesting options to explore during the night-time in Venice.

Venice will also astonish you with amazing food. When you are in Venice, you must try their local food. You will get a lot of food joints to explore different types of dishes. The more you explore restaurants the more you can gain knowledge about food in Venice.

Well, today, in this piece of writing, we will discuss a few most interesting things about Venice and its nightlife. If you are planning to come here, this post will help you a lot. After reading this, you will gain much knowledge prior to making a plan for the Venice trip. So, continue reading through the below passages.

Amazing things you need to know about the Nightlife in Venice

As said earlier, Venice is a dream city and one of the most wonderful cities in the world. The beauty of this city enhances when the sun gets down. The magnificent view of this city is amazing and it can impress anyone quite easily. It has a different charm which can make you feel highly impressed. Your trip will be incomplete if you will not explore the night beauty of Venice. So, don’t think twice about enjoying the nightlife in Venice.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy a superb night out with your partner in Venice.

You can enjoy Gondola Ride

gondola ride

The gondola ride is extremely famous in Venice. And throughout the world, everyone knows about the Gondola ride in Venice. You can enjoy the ride in the daytime obviously. But, think of one thing, how would it be if you can enjoy the ride at the night? The experience will be amazing, right? Yes, if you are in Venice and want to enjoy the nightlife, the first thing that you must try is a gondola ride at night. You can go through the beautiful canals of Venice. And along with this, romantic music will melt your heart and you can enjoy a romantic ride together. The skilfully proficient professionals will navigate around numerous landmarks for example Piazza San Marco, St Mark’s Basilica, Rialto Bridge & many more! So, don’t think twice to enjoy this ride. It will be a lifetime experience for you. So, don’t miss this.

You can watch shows at the opera house

shows at the opera house

After a tiring day tour in Venice, if you want to enjoy the night tour, you must go to the opera house. Teatro La Fenice is a famous opera house where you can visit to enjoy some cultural events. You don’t need to put extra effort to find this opera house. It is situated in the centre of the city. So, you can easily find this out. Almost every day, there are some shows that start near about 8 pm or 9 pm. So, you can come here to have a wonderful time. Not only tourists but also local people prefer coming to this famous opera house to enjoy shows. The timing of the shows is so nice that you can come here after having your dinner.

You can visit Saint Mark’s Basilica & Square

Saint Mark’s Basilica & Square

Saint Mark’s Square is a wonderful site that you must visit. The beauty of this place is enhanced by the street musicians as they play different types of soft music that spreads a magical feeling. In this square, you will get Saint Mark’s Basilica which is a popular church and one of the most beautiful as well. Here you will get to see priceless artworks. So, what are you thinking about? If you will miss this place, you will definitely miss something interesting. So, try to come here once when you are in Venice.

Enjoy a romantic walk around the Venice city

romantic walk around the Venice city

When you are in Venice with your partner, you can enjoy a romantic walk in the city. This will make your relationship stronger than others. While walking, you can visit some stores for shopping. It is needless to say that a trip is not complete if you will not go shopping. You will get a different taste of Venice when you walk around the beautiful roads of Venice. So, don’t skip this plan.

Haunted Ghost Tour

Haunted Ghost Tour

It is one of the most interesting things that you can enjoy. If you have an interest in ghosts you must try this tour. You will find a good number of narrow streets which are famous for many ghost stories. You can hire a guide and enjoy a tour. Definitely, this mysterious tour will be memorable for your lifetime. So, don’t think twice before planning this tour. It will be extremely interesting.

Have some wonderful Italian food and wines

Italian food and wines

You can visit many restaurants and pubs as well to enjoy superb Italian food and wines. If you want to know the Italian food culture, you must visit local food joints. Then only you can understand the real flavour.

Live music at Venice Jazz club

Venice Jazz club

The Venice Jazz Club is situated in the artsy district of Dorsoduro. It is a small club with about 50 people capacity. This jazz club hosts many concerts and famous artists come here to entertain people. If you love to listen to jazz music, you must come here. It is a great place for jazz music. Music lovers come here and enjoy some wonderful moments. So, you can also visit here with your partner and enjoy some relaxing time.

So, these are a few ways you can enjoy the nightlife in Venice. Here is not the end, Venice has many more things to excite you. When you are in this beautiful place, definitely, you want to go to nightclubs. And, Venice has a good number of nightclubs. It will not be a tough task to find pubs and nightclubs. A few most famous nightclubs, bars and pubs are here that you can visit with your partner.

Some most popular nightclubs, bars and pubs that you can explore

Venice is full of nightclubs and here we will discuss a few.



PICCOLO MONDO is a popular club which is located in Dorsoduro, 1056/a, 30100 Venice. People of all ages come here to enjoy the atmosphere. If you love to dance, you must come here. You will get the chance to dance until late hours. Techno pops, and an electric mix of Latino will impress you. DJs are so skilful that no one will get bored. The dance floor will indeed shock you. Apart from this, you will get the opportunity to have some drinks. So, you can come here to enjoy some wonderful moments.


Venice Jazz club

Venice Jazz Club is a wonderful nightlife destination. Once you come here you can enjoy some magical moments with drums, guitar, and Piano. The awesome jazz performances will make your evening and night special. Your partner will surely love this place. So, don’t think twice before coming here. One thing you should know about this club is, here you will not get any dance floor. This place is all about music and wonderful performances. This jazz club is located at Dorsoduro 3102, 30123 Venice. You can get drinks here. so, don’t hesitate to visit here. You will definitely have some wonderful moments.



Who does not know about HARRY’S BAR in Venice? Everyone knows how popular it is. In the year 1931, this bar was opened and it has an interesting history. Hemingway used to come here. The beautiful location of this bar will impress you. The interior decoration is awesome in one word. here you will get a wide range of drinks to enjoy the night with your beloved. It is the best place to try Bellini. It is their signature cocktail. The location of this bar is Calle Vallaresso, 1323, 30124 San Marco, Venice. So, don’t skip this bar when you are in Venice to explore its happening nightlife. For a dine out with your partner, this place is wonderful.

Skyline Rooftop Bar

Skyline Rooftop Bar

The skyline rooftop bar is another most popular among the locals in Venice. The location of this bar is amazing. It is open from 5 pm to 1 am. The view of Venice from this bar is one of a kind. You can enjoy the romantic sunset from here. Having a cocktail glass in your hand, the view of the sunset really looks mind-blowing. So, don’t miss this place, guys. You will remember this rooftop bar for your lifetime. You can capture many photos here. The ambience of this bar is fantastic. You will love to spend some quality time here. Wonderful music will make your mood. So, what are you waiting for? Enlist this bar name to your trip plan.

Apart from all these bars, and nightclubs, you can have many more options. Are you willing to know a few more names? Well, go through the below points.

1. Dogado Lounge

2. Club 947

3. Margaret Duchamp

4. Pachuka Beach Nightclub

5. Aurora Beach Club

These beach clubs are wonderful; so, you can come here with your partner.

So, these are a few things to enjoy the nightlife in Venice Italy. This post is quite helpful as it is full of information.

Now, it is the right time to make your trip plan. Your Venice trip will be amazing when you will explore all these things. People from different places come here to make a wonderful trip. And the nightlife in Venice is indeed happening. So, don’t be late. Start planning from today and enjoy the trip to the fullest.


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